Monday, May 9, 2016

Mercury Rx in Taurus eclipse passage over the Sun-

In the darkness, in the maze,
Where all thoughts are rendered basic
We meet the light bearing Minotaur
Who shows us the passage we must take-

Everyone casts a shadow-
Everyone hold their own light.
In order to find our way we must understand
The light we hold within, and the shadow we cast as we walk.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fort Mcmurray aid -art up for auction


I painted a small painting of the local Bay here in Ontario and am donating it so that it can be auctioned up with all the proceeds going to help victims of the Fort McMurray fire. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Stormy Lake

Right now as I lay down the foundation for a small painting of a local lake I can’t help but reflect on what is going on at Fort Mcmurray- A fire so large and powerful it’s swallowing up a whole city.

Thousands of people have lost their homes, pets, their livelihoods. There are horrible images of people stuck on a burning highway trying to escape the fire.

A fire so powerful it’s been described as having a mind of it’s own, so powerful that it creates a fire storm, with it’s own high winds and lighting.

So this is my prayer to all of them, may the fires cool down, may the water rain down, may the pain and sorrow slow down so these folks can be safe.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raven in Flowers 20x15" ink on illustration board

Raven in Flowers 20 x 15 inches on illustration board.
Sale price: $500 (includes shipping) original, without frame.

This took me a long time to finish. I wanted to see if I could do it, so I did it, I’m happy with the work as far as I see. Eventually, it became kind of a Mandela, a maze, that I followed through, line by line, point by point. I tried to create some drama in the tonality, by developing the contrast between dark and light. I didn't want to totally add colour, but instead use it to highlight some of the objects in the work. This was hard, I really missed my paints, but it was a good exercise for me. I need to do this from time to time and this will go into my collection of works as part of my “in the woods” body of work.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Work in Progress

This painting is a work in progress, where I am exploring the mythological wood. I have been thinking a lot about animism: The idea that everything has a spirit. I definitely feel that way about woods. All through my life the woods have been my go to place, especially when things got tough at home or in school.  I felt as if I had come to a safe place, a magical place that would protect me from all the bad things in life. Still to this day I love the forest, I love trees, and I love to breathe in fresh air when I walk through the woods. I'm going to continue to do so as I move forward. This piece needs to dry a bit before I finish it off, I'm going to have to start something new this week. I have been pushing myself to do more, expect more from myself.